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alyse [userpic]
one hundred & sixty icons.
by alyse (indecentexposed)
at March 29th, 2011 (02:14 am)

randomly... icons!

[40] random
[45] a softer world
[25] grey's anatomy
[25] taylor swift lyrics
[15] the fray lyrics
[10] the spill canvas lyrics

- comment if you take anything
- credit dreamscaping
- please do not modify these icons


1. 2. 3.

the rest!Collapse )

alyse [userpic]
by alyse (indecentexposed)
at May 19th, 2008 (07:01 pm)

hey, loves.

i really, really don't want to write this post... but it has to be said.

as you've probably noticed, posts here have dropped off from "every week or so" to "literally never." there are multiple reasons for this. i recently started a new job, & i love it, but 10-hour days are not unusual. between that, classes, the myriad of other activities with which i'm involved, & my attempts to have a social life, i'm lucky if i get a chance to check my e-mail once a day. i love making icons, & i miss it (& all of you!), but i just don't have the time or resources to keep this community up & running anymore.

so, for the time being, dreamscaping is on hiatus. i may be able to come back in a few months, once things get less crazy. we'll see.

until then, thank you all for being wonderful, & making this community so much fun for me.


alyse indecentexposed

alyse [userpic]
1,000 members! (REQUESTS CLOSED)
by alyse (indecentexposed)
at April 15th, 2008 (02:20 pm)

i almost never catch the exact milestone, but this time...

this is so cool!Collapse )

this is a major milestone, so --of course!-- we're going to do requests. a few ground rules:

- requests will be open for three days

- there is no limit to the number of members who can make requests during that time

- in the comments, you may request up to three (3) text-only icons

- you must specify text, text color, & background color (& font preference, if you have one)

- all icons will be shareable

- i'll post the icons within a week of closing the post

thanks for being so fabulous! request away!


alyse indecentexposed

alyse [userpic]
i heart drama... wait, what?
by alyse (indecentexposed)
at February 5th, 2008 (11:53 pm)

earlier today, someone left a comment letting me know that my icons are being posted in an icon theft community. not exactly thrilling news. but i've been thinking about it, & here's my take:

when someone has put time and effort into a creative work, no matter how small, it's rude and disrespectful not to credit them properly. unfortunately, there are always going to be people out there who wouldn't know common courtesy if it kicked them in the head, & who will steal others' work.

sometimes there are consequences-- e.g., if you turned in a term paper without citing sources, you'd fail the class at the very least. in the case of a 100' x 100' icon, on the other hand, it's just something i have to live with. i don't have the time to track down every last person who isn't crediting my icons & yell at them about it-- because, let's be honest? i have a life.

so, i rolled my eyes. i was annoyed for about ten seconds, & then i moved on. i want my icons to be as available as possible, so i'm not going to use this as an excuse to switch to moderated membership. i don't ever plan to do that unless hotlinking becomes a problem, since i work with limited bandwidth.

concerning the aforementioned icon theft community, i've removed & banned all of its maintainers & members with posting access from dreamscaping, but i'm not going to go over there & start anything. i don't believe in feeding the trolls, & as far as i can tell, these communities only exist to start drama with makers, which is so unbelievably lame that i'm not even going to go there.

in conclusion, thank you to those of you who do take the time to credit properly, please let me know if you see this kind of thing so i can remove & ban the responsible parties, & let's continue to keep dreamscaping fun & drama-free for the rest of us. :)

thanks for reading!


alyse + the drama llama, who wanted me to give you these:

1. 2. 3.

alyse [userpic]
I LOVE YOU. & also, requests!
by alyse (indecentexposed)
at February 4th, 2008 (04:05 pm)

what was that? i'm sorry, i can't hear you over the sound of how awesome dreamscaping's members are. ;)

seriously! less than a week after the 500-member mark, & we're already at 600 members & counting. i don't know about you guys, but i think that deserves a celebration. so... read on!

honestly, it's not just the numbers. you are all so wonderful about commenting, responding to polls, & crediting my work, & just generally being amazing. especially those of you who have commented on almost every post, from the start-- it means so much to me that you like my work, so thank you for taking the time to let me know it.

a few personal thank-yousCollapse )

on to the celebration! i'm going to be in my favorite city in the world this week visiting graduate schools, but it turns out that i have wireless internet in my hotel room, so i'll still be in touch after all. i have a lot of free time in the evenings (i have to keep the craziness to a minimum, since i need to look polished & academically-oriented every morning ;), so this is what we're going to do:

- in the comments, you may request up to three (3) text-only icons

- please specify text, text color, & background color (& font preference, if you have one)

- here's the best part: there's no limit to the number of members who can make requests. obviously, i'll get to your icons faster if you comment sooner, but even if you're the hundredth person to comment, you'll still get your icons. :)

- all icons will be shareable (i'll do a results post early next week.)

in summary, you're awesome, so start requesting. :)


alyse (indecentexposed)

alyse [userpic]
by alyse (indecentexposed)
at January 5th, 2008 (11:52 am)

hey, lovely members. :)

i take specific requests on most of my posts, but i also wanted to have an "ongoing requests" post for more general ideas. if there's something you want to see in an upcoming post, this is the place to ask. specifically, i'm looking for:

- fandoms -> book, movie, tv, etc. don't worry if i'm not already into it-- i'm easily obsessed. ;)

- musicians -> for lyric icons. what do you love?

- anything else you want to see icon'd!

you all are wonderful.

much love,


alyse [userpic]
dreamscaping is members-only.
by alyse (indecentexposed)
at December 30th, 2007 (04:16 am)

please join to see the icons. membership is currently unmoderated.

dreamscaping is the graphics community for indecentexposed. icons are primarily text-only & include quotes, lyrics, requests, & much more. please go here for more information.

if you'd like to affiliate with dreamscaping, please leave a comment on this post.

thank you for visiting!

alyse [userpic]
by alyse (indecentexposed)
at December 20th, 2007 (11:29 pm)

resources - textures, brushes, etc.Collapse )

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